Why Should I Become A Supply Chain Technician?

To The Parent:

To The Student:

Welcome to the world of the Supply Chain Technician! You are probably here since you are interested in learning about a growing career that offers interesting work and great pay at some of the country's best employers! This career awareness module was developed to provide you information about the Supply Chain Technician so you can be more informed and have additional options as you investigate various careers. Feel free to explore the various blocks to find out more information. Above all– have fun!.

Every parent endeavors to prepare his/her child ultimately for independence.  And independence, of course, requires the ability to earn a living that is sufficiently adequate to support a family.  In the past there have been many mechanisms employed to achieve that:  apprenticeship, a family business, joining the company where one’s parent has worked over his/her lifetime, technical training and for some, a college degree.  But recently this paradigm has shifted.  In our current environment, it would seem that everyone is singing the sang chorus, one where a four-year college degree is the only way to have it all.    This, however, is a perception not supported by the evidence.  Harvard University estimates that by 2018, only 33% of all jobs will require a four-year degree, while 57% will require skilled training and 10% little to no training at all.  With the cost of education rising, the job market shrinking and the market becoming increasingly saturated with some academic degrees, the premise that a college education is the be-all and end-all is steadily being eroded.  Skilled training, however, remains a viable pathway to earning a living wage and achieving independence.  It can also support an individual while he/she continues on an educational pathway that may lead to a four-year college degree.  Supply chain technician is an occupation that is highly-skilled and in demand.