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Personnel from any specialty desiring to operate, support, upgrade, or maintain the wide array of supply chain automation are also excellent candidates.

Definition of a supply chain technician: A person who installs, operates, supports, upgrades or maintains the automated material handling equipment and systems that support the supply chain.

Many military veterans already have supply chain related technology skills. Listed below are some of the specialties that utilize many of the same technologies used in today's automated distribution centers.

1. Army CMF 91   (Mechanical maintenance, especially MOS 91A, 91B, 91G, and 91L)
2. Army MOS 94D   (Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer)
3. Marine MOS 3524   (Fuel and Electrical Systems Technician)
4. Marine MOS 2862   (Electronics Maintenance Technician)
5. Navy Rating AS-7606  (Support Equipment Gas Turbine Mechanic)
6. Navy Rating AT   (Aviation Electronics Technician)
7. Air Force AFSC 2A6X2   (Aerospace Ground Equipment Maintenance Technician)
8. Air Force 3E1X1   (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technician)

Are you a military veteran looking for a career utilizing the skills you learned while enlisted?