What abilities do they possess?

 Critical Thinking
 Problem Solving
 Manual Dexterity
 Communication & Teamwork

 Are There Career Specializations?

 Electronic and Electrical Technician
 Yearly Projected Openings: 1,770
 Typical Hourly Wage: $20.06 - $29.90
 Typical Annual Salary: $41,700 - $62,200

 Electro-Mechanical Technicians
 Yearly Projected Openings: 320
 Typical Hourly Wage: $19.74 - $30.40
 Typical Annual Salary: $41,000 - $63,200

 Industrial Machinery Mechanics
 Yearly Projected Openings: 11,710
 Typical Hourly Wage: $17.95 - $27.68
 Typical Annual Salary: $37,300 - $57,600

 What do they know?

 Supply Chain Basics
 Electromechanical Systems
 Industrial Maintenance
 Safety Principles

 What do they do?

 Install Technology
 Maintain & Update Technology
 Troubleshoot Technology
 Systems Repairs
 Problem Solving

 What skills do they have?

 Electrical & Electronics Mechanics
 Hydraulics & Pneumatics
 Blueprint Reading
 Conveyors Systems
 Material Handling Equipment
 Scanning & Optical Sensors
 Logic Controllers
 Network Communications

Supply Chain Technician:
A person who installs, operates, supports, upgrades or maintains the automated material handling equipment and systems that support the supply chain.

May 2017

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