What do they know?

 Supply Chain Basics
 Electromechanical Systems
 Industrial Maintenance
 Safety Principles

 What do they do?

 Install Technology
 Maintain & Update Technology
 Troubleshoot Technology
 Systems Repairs
 Problem Solving

 What skills do they have?

 Electrical & Electronics Mechanics
 Hydraulics & Pneumatics
 Blueprint Reading
 Conveyors Systems
 Material Handling Equipment
 Scanning & Optical Sensors
 Logic Controllers
 Network Communications

Supply Chain Technician:
A person who installs, operates, supports, upgrades or maintains the automated material handling equipment and systems that support the supply chain.

May 2017

Occupation Profile

 What abilities do they possess?

 Critical Thinking
 Problem Solving
 Manual Dexterity
 Communication & Teamwork

 Are There Career Specializations?

 Electronic and Electrical Technician
 Yearly Projected Openings: 1,770
 Typical Hourly Wage: $20.06 - $29.90
 Typical Annual Salary: $41,700 - $62,200

 Electro-Mechanical Technicians
 Yearly Projected Openings: 320
 Typical Hourly Wage: $19.74 - $30.40
 Typical Annual Salary: $41,000 - $63,200

 Industrial Machinery Mechanics
 Yearly Projected Openings: 11,710
 Typical Hourly Wage: $17.95 - $27.68
 Typical Annual Salary: $37,300 - $57,600