Course Title

Course Content

Semester Units

 Intro to Automated Warehousing
Overview of the Automated Warehouse
3 Units
General Mechanics
3 Units
 DC Electrical
Direct Current Theory and Service
4 Units
 AC Electrical
Alternating Current Theory and Service
4 Units
 Microprocessors / Microcontrollers
Microprocessing and Control Systems
4 Units
 Technical Communications
Business Documentation and Presentation
3 Units
 Blueprint Reading
Study of Blueprints
2 Units
Math for Engineering Technology
3 Units
Safety Standards for General Industry
2 Units
 Hydraulics / Pneumatics
Air and Fluid Power Basics
3 Units
Welding Basics
3 Units
 Logic Controllers
PLC Theory and Maintenance
3 Units

Definition of a Supply Chain Technician:
A person who installs, operates, supports, upgrades or maintains the software, hardware, automated equipment and systems that support the supply chain.

The National Center of Supply Chain Technology Education (SCTE) team has researched, studied, and analyzed various industrial job types and educational programs and determined that several foundational industrial skills are required of the supply chain technician. The courses below represent a model SCTE program of study that meets the needs of the National Center’s Industry Leadership Team

The below coursework represents a certificate program. When general education coursework is also completed, A.S. degree in Supply Chain Technology is awarded.

February 2017

Model Program