Here are the top 10 ways an Industry Leadership Team member can help SCTE

  1    Identify required technical skill sets needed by industry
  2    Provide input on curriculum development and certificationsa  
  3    Facilitate introductions with other stakeholders
  4    Help align SCTE programs with national industry standards
  5    Provide advice and guidance on strategic issues
  6    Promote SCTE and raise center visibility
  7    Host facility tours and meetings
  8    Facilitate the hiring of student interns and graduates
  9    Speak as subject matter experts to students and academics
  10    Donate resources to help support and sustain SCTE

... industry experts are a crucial part of the curriculum development process. The advisors listed below have a recognized need for skilled technicians and are committed to this project. Members provide content expertise on curriculum development and certifications; facilitate introductions with other stakeholders in the field; host facility tours; and help align college programs with national industry standards & needed technical skill sets.

We believe...